Snow Removal & De-Icing Services

Our company has been piling snow and salting walks for over 10 years. During the harsh winter season, it is essential that a qualified professional is behind every plow clearing your property.  Through our real-time weather service, we are able to track and prepare for any condition. Reliable equipment is key to providing superior winter services. We constantly run check lists to ensure our equipment is fully operational and ready to go at any time.

Commercial Maintenance

For over two decades SJC Lawncare has worked with various commercial sites and property managers. Image is important for any company or association that is why our teams are always dressed in uniform, safe and courteous. We understand the needs of the commercial consumer. For these reasons we adapt principles and examine every square foot of the property. This better allows us to be more efficient when serving the property. Because of this our crews are efficient we are able to reduce cost and increase quality.

Commercial plant material and lawns are often neglected. Poorly supervised crews and untrained teams create issues like plant disease, plant material die-back and turf damage. Proper ornamental horticulture is important to keeping a commercial property not only green, but flowering all season long. We constantly monitor plant insects, diseases and environmental stresses to eliminate a problem before it starts. From maintaining the grounds to installing annuals in the front entrance, SJC Lawncare takes pride in providing a quality affordable service.

Ornamental Shrub Pruning

Shrub pruning is essential for home and commercial properties. We recommend monitoring plants yearly and prune when necessary. Often times shrubs are neglected, become over grown and start to decline in health. Machine damage caused by power shears is becoming a huge problem in landscapes. Technology allowed companies to quickly finish jobs, but sacrifice plant health. Some plants can withstand machine pruning, but operators should be cautious. At SJC Lawncare we use traditional hand pruning methods and machine pruning depending on the situation.

Benefits found from professional pruning:

  • More flowers
  • Plant health and vigor
  • Aesthetic value
  • Shape

Although aesthetics is the number one reason for pruning. We also remove deadwood, prune diseased areas and remove and broken branches.

Outdoor Rooms

A outdoor room is an area in the landscape that people congregate to enjoy each others company. Your children will love running across the lush lawn to roast marshmallows on the new fire pit.  Keep your friends entertained on the patio and their stomachs full with burgers from the grill.  The backyard is your biggest room, let us design it so it becomes your favorite room.

Turf & Plant Care

We all think the grass is greener somewhere else – except at SJC Lawncare. Born out of the turf and plant care industry 30 years ago, we are horticultural experts and we know how to get your lawn looking its best. Our specialists and certified arborist can diagnose lawn problems and plant diseases caused by insects, pathogens or environmental stresses. All living things need the proper nutrients to thrive and your lawn and plants are no exception. Environmentally and family conscious, we will design an individualized program to meet your lawn and plants’ specific needs. We use the most effective growth products which supply your lawn with essential nutrients. Our integrated pest management programs will treat whatever is bugging your lawn and plants. Do your plants and lawn a favor and give us a call today and let’s get started…

Property Management

Let’s face it… The outside of your property makes the first impression on those who come to visit you. We understand maintaining a property is hard work and takes you away from spending quality time with your loved ones or engaging in your favorite activity. That’s why we are here to help. Give us a call and we will take care of it all. Whether you need lawn maintenance or tree pruning, our crews are experts in all aspects of property management. Discover how our maintenance programs can make your property the envy of the neighborhood.

Landscape Design & Construction

Whether you’re ready to enjoy a summer game night on a new stone patio, relax with a good book by a tranquil waterfall or create an outdoor sitting area for your employees, SJC Lawncare can create your dream landscape for your home or business. Our plant knowledge, craftsmanship and use of materials allow us to design landscapes that embrace your lifestyle, enhance your property and provide enjoyment for the entire family. Researching new plant and stone materials for various applications, our staff plays an active role in staying informed of new industry products. Our goal is to design a landscape that exemplifies your lifestyle. Based on extensive research, we will create a landscape design and present you with hand-drawn designs reinforced with 3D modeling and provide you with a detailed estimate.

You’ve come this far, now let’s get started…..