At SJC we know strong turf, hydroseeding is the best way to get it.

Hydroseeding is a mixture of water, wood fiber, seed, and fertilizer. This blend equally covers the surface and improves germination rates. For higher profile seedings, we can also incorporate herbicides to suppress weed germination.

If you have a commercial contract and need it hydroseeded contact us! We have worked from nursing homes to projects on the Garden State Parkway. 

Plant Care and More…

We Know Plants!

Trees, shrubs and flowers provide a distinct dimension and diversity to your landscape and offer numerous benefits. Protect your landscape and help keep it looking beautiful season after season. Proper plant care can minimize the stress diseases and insects place on plants. We provide the right nutrients making sure your plants flourish.

Our Plant Care division is operated by a NJ certified arborist. Our programs use integrated pest management principles along with a scientific approach  to correct problems  before they start.

SJC Lawncare’s plant care program monitors plant health and includes deep root feeding, disease control and insect control.

Plant Care Services:

  • Customized Plant Health Care
  • 100% Organic Plant Care
  • Disease and Insect Treatments
  • Deer Protection
  • Winter Protection
  • Tick And Flea Treatments
  • Soil Analysis and Amending
  • Tree Cabling and Bracing
  • Consulting and Plant Identification

Lawn Care and More…

SJC Lawncare’s environmental-friendly lawn care programs include 100% organically based soil amendment encouraging root growth and increased soil quality. Our technicians are constantly monitoring your lawn for insects, diseases or environmental stresses. Liquid based lawn care applications makes us unique and helps your lawn uptake the nutrients it needs.

Inquire about our lawn care programs or contact us to tailor one to meet your specific needs.

GOLD CLASS: Ideal for properties with high traffic, disease prone or for owners who want that flawless look. This program includes organics, fertilizer, weed and insect control, disease and grub control, lime treatments,  and aeration.

SILVER CLASS: Great for the average property owner and commercial clients.  This program includes organics, fertilizer, weed and insect control, lime and aeration.

BRONZE CLASS: Fulfill your lawn’s basic needs with this program. This program includes organics, fertilizer, weed and insect control.
Looking for more then just lawn care? Below are some turf related services that can further improve your property.

  • Slice-seeding or Aeroseeding
  • Sod
  • Top Dressing
  • Soil Compaction Remediation
  • Soil Testing and Amending

We service: Westfield, NJ Scotch Plains, NJ Summit, NJ Warren, NJ Mendham, NJ