Landscape Design & Construction

Whether you’re ready to enjoy a summer game night on a new stone patio, relax with a good book by a tranquil waterfall or create an outdoor sitting area for your employees, SJC Lawncare can create your dream landscape for your home or business. Our plant knowledge, craftsmanship and use of materials allow us to design landscapes that embrace your lifestyle, enhance your property and provide enjoyment for the entire family. Researching new plant and stone materials for various applications, our staff plays an active role in staying informed of new industry products. Our goal is to design a landscape that exemplifies your lifestyle. Based on extensive research, we will create a landscape design and present you with hand-drawn designs reinforced with 3D modeling and provide you with a detailed estimate.

You’ve come this far, now let’s get started…..

Property Management

Let’s face it… The outside of your property makes the first impression on those who come to visit you. We understand maintaining a property is hard work and takes you away from spending quality time with your loved ones or engaging in your favorite activity. That’s why we are here to help. Give us a call and we will take care of it all. Whether you need lawn maintenance or tree pruning, our crews are experts in all aspects of property management. Discover how our maintenance programs can make your property the envy of the neighborhood.

Turf & Plant Care

We all think the grass is greener somewhere else – except at SJC Lawncare. Born out of the turf and plant care industry 30 years ago, we are horticultural experts and we know how to get your lawn looking its best. Our specialists and certified arborist can diagnose lawn problems and plant diseases caused by insects, pathogens or environmental stresses. All living things need the proper nutrients to thrive and your lawn and plants are no exception. Environmentally and family conscious, we will design an individualized program to meet your lawn and plants’ specific needs. We use the most effective growth products which supply your lawn with essential nutrients. Our integrated pest management programs will treat whatever is bugging your lawn and plants. Do your plants and lawn a favor and give us a call today and let’s get started…

Sustainable Landscapes

Truly enjoy the outdoors or what nature offers? We can bring that home to your property. With experience in regenerative landscapes and implementing sustainable ideas our new style of landscaping truly has a “green” stamp of approval from mother nature. Its starts in nature, we draft and brainstorm ideas. Then we bring those ideas into the office where we develop plans for your property. These plans incorporate ideas like plants that support butterfly larvae or using stone from a local source. Next we might choose to use trees and shrubs that are native to the surrounding area. Many times these plants need less care because they already are adapted to environmental stresses. All in all we try to create a macro and micro systems to benefit not only your outdoor lifestyle, but benefits the surrounding ecosystem.

Green living ideas

  • Native plantings
  • Promoting soil characteristics by mulching and leaf litter
  • Patios made of local field stone
  • Walkways from reclaimed concrete
  • Making sure trees are healthy
  • Much more contact us to further discuss how you can “come home to the outdoors”

Many times homes can become more sustainable by use of our property maintenance programs. Call us to discuss how we can lessen your homes carbon footprint.